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About US


First Engine, a financial modelling firm created in May 2019 with 100% African competencies that believes there is a socially responsible way to deliver best class financial models. Our roots are deep in Africa but our horizon is global.


01. Financial models

Financial models are the ENGINE of any successful investment or development project. At First Engine, our main objective is to make it happen by building robust, easy-to-use and to-understand models on which our clients can rely on. Our products are guaranteed to follow the best practice in the industry.

02. People

People are the ENGINE of any business. At First Engine, we rely on our highly qualified, specially trained and motivated team of African professionals to help you deliver your project.

03. Infrastructure

Infrastructure development is an ENGINE of economic growth. This is more true for Africa. At First Engine, we have a special focus on infrastructure and project finance. We aim to be an essential link in the infrastructure ecosystem.

Our values

African talents on the rise

It is widely acknowledged that many graduates work in areas that are way past their qualifications. This is why our work and values are deeply embedded around one strong social purpose: to give young African graduates with a flair for mathematics and finance the opportunity to access jobs matching their skills.

Here at First Engine, we provide a platform of highly skilled, ambitious and motivated young professionals.

“While 10 to 12 million youth enter the workforce each year, only 3.1 million jobs are created, leaving vast numbers of youth unemployed. According to African Development Bank*, 263 million young people will lack an economic stake in the system by 2025.”

Our approach


At First Engine, we are certain that the balanced combination of a sharp mind and high technical skills associated with high level of commitment is the key to deliver best-class services. To this end we have developed strategic partnerships with African universities to identify the best candidates for the position of financial modeller in the mathematics, economics and finance stream, put in place a very selective recruitment process followed by intensive active training sessions. All our modellers start to work only after having gained the experience of developing on their own a full complex model.

Our clients