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What we Do Best


Trusted by governments, corporates and global investors, we tailor our model to meet our client’s need. We propose simple, easy-to-use and to-understand financial model powered by rigorous methodologies.

Range of Services

We provide a broad range of financial modelling services.

Model development

We are specialist in building financial models. We can accommodate any level of complexity depending on your needs and level of analysis.

Well-built and well-understood financial models are our obsession.

Our modelling expertise includes project finance, business plan, acquisition financing, real estate and M&A / Bid-Response model, Operational model, Budget/forecasting model, Valuation model, Consolidation model.

Model audit

As experts in financial modelling, we have the know how and objectivity to deconstruct and analyse any complex financial model and then provide the stakeholders with confidence to rely on it.

We can adapt our work to the intensity of validation and the degree of assurance you need.

Model Training

We deliver financial modelling courses for individuals or organisation. We teach what we practice while addressing what you actually do.

Our training modules include: model design & construction, business plan, financing (debt/equity), inflation, depreciation, taxation, financial statements, debt covenants, equity valuation, financial model review.

Our commitments

Model Development

We conform to best industry practice

We keep our model simple

We make our models user-friendly and elegant

We ensure the integrity and the accuracy of our models are maintained

Model Audit

We provide comfort the model does what it is supposed to do

We provide comfort that the model is free of material errors

We always test the model results using a proprietary method

Model Training

We apply learning-by-doing method

We use the repeating method throughout our courses to reinforce the learning

We share our know how and experience

We ensure concrete application of our teaching to your own case