Christian Rasoamanana

After 20+ years spent in the infrastructure, project & structured finance industry, Christian Rasoamanana founded First Engine in May 2019 with one leitmotiv: having social impact, in his case to allow young African graduates with background in mathematics and finance to access a job matching their skills. Too many of these graduates work in areas that have nothing to do with their qualifications. As a way of giving back, he has been spending the last few months recruiting African talents and teaching them the financial modelling techniques and best practices.
Christian was formerly Partner at PwC France and the head of Infrastructure & Project Finance between 2008 and 2018. He began his career within the project finance team of Dexia.
Christian Rasoamanana First Engine Advisory
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Christian Rasoamanana was Partner and Head of PPP, Public & Project Finance department at PwC France between 2008 and 2018. He acted as financial, contractual and strategic advisor to central and local governments, international developers and financial entities on their PPP project in many geographies (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America). During his tenure as Head of PPP & Project Finance, he was involved in over EUR 10 billion of investments, developed strong experience in commercial and multilateral financing as well as alternative financing with institutional investors (he paved the way for project bond financing on the French PPP market and raised over EUR 1.2 billion of non-bank debt since 2013) and built solid interaction with all the stakeholders of the infrastructure industry. His experience covers the following sectors: engineering & construction, transport, energy & utilities, telecoms, private equity, financial sector and also includes M&A infrastructure transactions.

Christian holds a Master in Economics from University of Paris Dauphine and a Post Master degree in Financial Engineering

Quotes from First Engine talents

“Graduating with honors was without any doubt one of the biggest challenges and success I have ever faced. However, when I hit the job market, I realized working hard and having good grades were not always rewarded to the extent I expected. At some point, I came to terms with the fact that, despite all my efforts, I was bound to work a any job just because I needed to work.
It was around that time that I first heard of First Engine Advisory. I was skeptical because the job seemed too good to be true. Challenges? Check. Great missions? Check. Autonomy? Check. I have never thought I would ever become a financial analyst but here I am. First Engine really saved me and I’ve never thrived and learned as much as I have now. It’s been several months since I’ve worked with Christian and I can say without an ounce of hesitation that I have found my dream job.”

Camille (gratuaded in applied economics)